​Why Does Everyone Love British Chocolate?

Why does everyone want to buy british chocolate?

Its simple really, British chocolate is loved all around the world for one reason, it tastes exactly how chocolate should taste. One of the reasons for this is linked to the climate in Britain staying fairly constant, there are no crazy extremes that are known for melting chocolate. Therefore British manufacturers like Cadburys are able to make their chocolate at the perfect consistency without worrying about adding preservatives or chemicals to prolong its life and sustain warmer climates.

British chocolate has a much smoother and creamier texture. Unlike chocolate containing preservatives it just melts in your mouth, whereas others don’t release the full flavour as it tries to fight against the heat you are exposing it to. A recent study carried out by BuzzFeed showed just how different British chocolate was to imitations found in the US. As expected the British chocolate came out on top in the blind taste test with participants calling out clear differences in taste, texture and smoothness.

Flavour is another key factor that comes into play and one that British manufacturers do perfectly. From the colonial past British chocolatiers used trade links with South Africa and West India to source the finest cocoa. As a result the final product releases a constant creamy flavour that is very different to chocolate found outside the British Isles.

One company who has seen business boom since they started trading in 2014 is Jolly Goods, the best place to buy british chocolate. Their business model is simple, if you live outside the UK and miss British chocolate then you can log into their website ‘www.jollygoods.co’ and select from over 40 classic authentic tasting British chocolates. They will package up your box crammed full of your favourite British chocolates and have them sent straight to your door. They ship to over 80 countries worldwide and if your desperate for the comfort fix they can get them delivered within less than 3 days regardless of what country you reside. As you can tell, I am a massive fan of British chocolate and don’t really know what I would do without their service.

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